nico nimo High Quality Genuine Leather Tote Bag Handbag Women's Shoulder Bag Fashion Handbag Cowhide With pouch

Product description

  • Simple and easy to use, no matter the genre for any style with outstanding and 洋々 scenes in the bag without a doubt. All season use.
  • Once you become addictive. Genuine luxurious feel and exquisite size, not too large High quality genuine leather for a firm shape, so perfect for pretty style or even your office style. It's easy to access wide mouth bag is a lot of luggage or moms very pleasing in the United States.
  • [size (be advised that are sure to please check the size please purchase on the] notation size and may vary and may may vary slightly. Thank you for your understanding.
  • If you open the length approximately/41 cm opening button. If you close the opening length approximately/29 cm
  • Material: Natural Cow Leather Inner Lining: Canvas fabric with zipper inside pocket x 1 bottom feet: None [size] side about x H about x gusset approximately/14.5 cm

Purchase Notes

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