Recolte 迷你 芝士火鍋 燒烤兩用爐 / Recolte Raclette & Fondue Maker Melt

Product description

■ Brand
■ Size
Body: (approx) Width 29.5 × depth 10.5 × height 11 cm
Plate: (approx) width 20.5 × depth 10 × height 1.5 cm
Minipan: (about) Width 9 × Length 18 × Height 3 cm
Cocot: (approx) width 13.5 × depth 10 × height 5 cm
Line length: (approx) 100 cm
■ weight
Body: Approximately 980 g (including plate and mini plate)
Cocot: Approximately 280 g (1 piece)
Body: stainless steel, nylon
Sheet: Aluminum (non-adhesive processed)
Minipan: iron (non-stick treatment)
Cocot: Ceramics
Power supply
100 V 50/60 Hz
■ Power consumption
350 W
■ Accessories
Board x 1, Mini Disc x 2, Cocotto x 2, Special Formula x 1, Manual, Warranty x 1
■ How to Care
[Cocotto, plate, mini pot]
The kitchen can be washed with synthetic detergent

Please wipe with a dry cloth. Please do not wash with water.
■ Remarks
· Dial type switch
· Continuous temperature control function
· Thermorator function
· Cocot only:
Microwave oven, oven, dishwasher dryer
■ Remarks
In this product, raw or raw eggs have no firepower. Please use processed foods such as ham, sausage, beech, barrel and vegetables even if they can not be completely solved.

Minipan is used only to heat cheese. The bottom line is not suitable for grill dishes. Do not put oil in the mini bread, please do not put ingredients to produce oil. It may cause a fire.

Do not wipe the board surface with a metal scraper, a fork, a knife or the like.

If you cook damp, humid foods, please be aware that the spilled ingredients will intrude into the body and malfunction.

If you do not attach the main body to the main body, please do not put in a mini bread or food directly.

Because cocot is handmade, shape, color, logo look different. Also, there may be black spots and dents on the surface, but it is not a defective item. Please note.

■ Warranty period
One year from purchase date
■ Packaging
Including gift box: Width 31 × depth 12 × height 22 cm Approximately 2 kg
※ Package contents may be changed without notice.


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