About Buy or Bid Process

Buy / Bid:

1. What item that Hoyoyo cannot be handle ?


1. Information on flammable, perishable or toxic, explosive, lethal, corrosive and radioactive dangerous goods

2. Drug or drug related equipment

3. Live animals, plants or seeds

4. Currency, VAT invoice, other tax or securities, bullion, antiques, precious metals, etc.

Details can refer to here: https://my2.hoyoyo.com/help~index~id~19.html

2. Can I buy other Japanese websites besides Yahoo, Mercari and Rakuten?

Yes, as long as the vast majority of the site can buy goods, but not sure whether to send please confirm with our customer service.

3. How to we know wheather the seller are individual or stores?

If the seller are shops, there will have the consumption tax next to the price and the left in the details of the goods, the seller shows more professional about the goods , they are more willing to deal with if you face any probblem on the product.

4. If I win the tender, can give up the auction has been won?

No, because once the successful bid / win, in order to protect the interests and integrity of Japan Yahoo sellers and future guests, the items can not be canceled once they have been successfully bid.

5. How can I know if the seller has set the bidding price?

Japan YAHOO Bidding:

In the bidding page ※「現在の価格」は最低落札価格に達していません。

Means that the seller has set the lowest bidder, when the time closed the bidding price did not meet the lowest bidding price, at the highest bidder will show 〝なし〞 it means, no one won the bid .

If the bid price exceeds the lowest bidder set by the seller , ※「現在の価格」は最低落札価格に達していません。These words will disappear, the highest bidders will show the highest bidding price .

6. How do I increase the bid?

Before the time runs out , go to the "Bidding" item in the user order page and select "Change Price" to enter the maximum bid amount.

※ must have sufficient balance to increase the bid.

7. How much is the minimum bid at more than once?

Bidding interval minimum bid increase each time

0-999 Japanese Yen 10 Japanese Yen

1000-4999 Japanese Yen 100 Japanese Yen

5000-9999 Japanese yen 250 Japanese yen

10000-49999 Japanese Yen 500 Japanese Yen

50000 yen and above 1000 Japanese Yen

For example, if the auction starts from 3500 yen, bidder must place a 100 yen as minimum bid, if the price of the auction starts up to 10,000 yen, bidder shall place 500 yen or above for each bid.

8. If the seller has specified the price for direct purchase, Do I still need to wait for the end of the auction if i paid the direct purchase price ?

Not needed, when bidder paid the direct purchase price , the auction will be automatically finished. However, there are possible when the seller has several same products. Even though the guests have place the order, the Japanese Yahoo page is still under bidding. In this case, it may be necessary to wait for the end of the order to display or update the product status.

9. Can Hoyoyo help bidder ask seller inquiry of the product?

HOYOYO can ask seller questions before bidding , but also understand the following precautions:

1. Better to avoid to ask the seller "how much? How much is it willing to sell?" Or try to bargain with the seller. The reason is different national culture, more than 99% of Japanese doesn't bargain about the price , even if you ask about, mosty they will only answer you "please bid", "please enjoy the fun of bidding," .

2. Avoid asking subjective questions, such as , is it still new? is it in good condition ? Due to the seller's definition may be different from you, so please select the product with "real photo" tender to ensure your rights.

10. Why multiple product with same seller cannot combine payment or deliver them together?

1.If you bid more than a item with the seller in a same day , there might be same seller but in different account bidding with , usually HOYOYO staff will try to communicate with the seller remittance sent together However, it may also happen that the sellers request individual remittances to be delivered separately, then the bidder must bear the costs of remittance or sending separately.

2. Sometimes if you purchase multiple product with a seller , but the item maybe may be sent from different branches or some of the goods shipped directly from the manufacturer, resulting in the goods can not be combined delivery.

11. What kind of problem and risk when you purchase a pre-order or a custom made item?

If your purchase item is "pre-sale goods," "custom goods," waiting for the delivery of the time may vary from 1 month to 3 months, or you must made payment before delivery.

Sometimes sellers and web sites may not according to the original scheduled delivery date. besides, order cannot be canceled in the waiting period, it is recommended that consider carefully before place order , knowing the risk and situation , and then assess whether the purchase.

12. How do we inform seller if the item need to select the specification, model, color, size, quantity, or custom made?

If your bidding products need to inform the seller specifications, model, color, size, quantity, or processing, please mention in the “Remark” column at bidding form.

Please note that if the seller wrongly send the goods , delivery charges for switching shall bare by the bidder . Sometimes you may encounter some seller are not willing to exchange . So , please fill the remark column extra cautious.