About Order Process

About Hoyoyo Order Process:

1. How to start place order after registration Hoyoyo account?

Thank you for registering as a member, please go to the account and click "Recharge". Use FPX direct transfer or cash deposit. For cash deposit, please upload the bank slip and fill in the relevant reload information, Hoyoyo will confirm your payment as soon as possible. After the payment is confirmed, there will be a balance available in the account, at this time you can start shopping on the platform.

2. How can I submit an order?

The steps to place an order is very simple, as long as the submission of goods and related website URLs and information on it.

2 (a). Login HOYOYO, select My Order → New Bidding / Purchase

Select Bidding / purchase, paste product URL and fill in the product information and submitted

2 (b). You can enter the Rakuten or Yahoo product URL to the search bar and place order directly on the page.

2 (c). Browse by the web that Clone by HOYOYO , find the product directly on the page and place order.(For Japan shopping senior users)

3. How is the charges in Hoyoyo ?

Fee and Charges in Hoyoyo saperates in two parts:

Part 1- Japan Section Fees:

Product price with tax + Japan Local shipping fee (if any) + Japan bank handling charges (300 JPY each transaction)

* If the product is purchased from the store, there may be 8% consumption tax occur *

* Japan local shipping fee is ganerated when the sellers sending goods to Hoyoyo Japan warehouses. The seller's location is as far away as possible: Hokkaido, Okinawa shipping costs will be higher and take longer than usual. *

* Japan transport service is usually cash on delivery, so the cost will be generated until the goods arrive in the warehouse. HOYOYO will receive, pay the cost of Japan local transport and then deduct the fee within the customer account. *

* Japan bank charges will be charged according to the actual situation, detail please refer Hoyoyo order turorial 4. *

Part 2 - International Shipping Fee:

Freight is divided into two types (post office air freight or post office sea freight).

Detailed price list, click on the link below to view: https://my.hoyoyo.com/help~logisticsprice~l~en-us~l~zh-cn~l~en-us.html

** If there are other special request in Japan warehouse , an additional costs are as follows:

A. After the parcel arrive to Japan warehouse , is there possible to make a request to open the box and check then take pictures of goods in order to confirm the condition of the goods ?

Yes, but open the box and take pictures consider a special service , there will be additional service charges , different product size or shape of the product charges are different. You may refer to customer service for more inquiry and quotations first.

B. Can I request a special enhanced packaging to prevent damage during transport ?

Yes, the special strengthening of the packaging of goods such as: additional bubble wrap, packaging, there will be additional costs generated, you may refer to customer service for more inquiry and quotations first.

4. If I bought more than one merchandise from the same seller, will the bank service charges apply to each item ?

1. If bought more than one merchandise from the same seller, you may communicate with the seller to combine the order , the store is also more willing to merge delivery processing; Amazon (third-party seller) / Yahoo auction / Mercari store individual sellers, Hoyoyo can try to communicate with the seller for combine the order , and the final fee will be charged according to the actual situation.

2. Both order must be done within 24 hours , if second order made after Hoyoyo already paid the first order , an additional bank charges will be occur .

5.Do i have to top up value before place order ?

Yes, Hoyoyo does not accept cash on delivery.

6. What are the top-up methods? Do credit card accepted ?

Hoyoyo provides FPX, STRIPE PAY top up or ATM / CDM / e-banking deposits, after transaction please upload transaction recipt or screen capture, in order to speed up the confirmation of time.

Bank: Maybank

Account Number: 5628 0750 4680

Acoount Name: Hoyopay Sdn Bhd

7. How long it takes to receive the goods after we place order?

After manage ship out ,

1. It takes around 7 - 10 days by Post office air freight.

2. Post office sea freight generally takes 1 to 3 months to arrive.

8. Can we place order to reservation / pre-order item ?

Yes, as long as the guests are willing to pay the full item price, reservation / pre-order item are same like normal item.

9. Can we refund the excess balance after finish ordering ?

Yes, please log in and click "Refund" and fill in the account number and account holder full name, the refund process takes 4-5 working days.

10. How do we know when the parcel arrive to Hoyoyo Japan warehouse?

Hoyoyo will notify by email , so please always make sure the provided contact details is valid in order to receive the latest platform information and the status of the goods.

11. When a bidding process, there is enough fee in my account to pay for the price of the goods, but when the bidding price at the time is exceed the remaining fund in my account. Can I continue placing the order?

No, you must top up first before you can bid again.

12. If you lose the auction, will the fund be returned to the account? Is any service charges on it ?

The fund will be returned to Hoyoyo account, after the closing or cancellation of the transaction, Hoyoyo will return the amount to the customer's account .

Hoyoyo will not charge you the service fee if the transaction is not successful: unsuccessful, no charge.

13. If I place order other than Hoyoyo platform, can Hoyoyo to help me pay on behalf of it?

Sorry, we can't . In order to protect the interests of all customers and unnecessary disputes, all the purchase process must be handled by Hoyoyo platform to facilitate customers access to payment records and tracking of goods.