About Topup Deposit

About Deposit :

1. How to top up ?

Hoyoyo provide FPX, STRIPE PAY or ATM / CDM / e-banking deposits, after transaction please upload transaction recipt or screen capture, in order to speed up the confirmation of time.

Bank: Maybank
Account Number: 5628 0750 4680
Account Name: Hoyopay Sdn Bhd

1(a) FPX top up tutorial

1(b) ATM/CDM / e-banking top up tutorial

2. What is the minimum top up value ?

FPX, ATM / CDM, and e-banking minimum amount is RM10 .

3. How long can confirm the top up ?

**FPX is in conjunction with the national bank deposit system, where deposits will be confirmed in the HOYOYO account in real-time (within 5-10 minutes).

**Bank Transfers, you'll need to fill out a deposit form on the HOYOYO website and notify customer service after completing the deposit. It takes 1-2 working days for HOYOYO finance to confirm receipt of the funds and credit them to the member's HOYOYO account.

**STRIPE credit card deposits, this deposit method will incur a 3.9% processing fee. Additionally, the bank from which the transfer is made will also charge card transaction fees, typically 15-18% of the deposit amount (members need to inquire directly with the bank for this information).

4. Is the E-mail address column must fill when you use FPX transfer ?

Yes, this column must fill in the correct and valid email address. Because the FPX will send an email notification regardless of whether the transfer was successful or not.