How to buy from Surugaya Japan?

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How to buy from Surugaya Japan?
Surugaya is one of the leading online and retail store selling cultural products in Japan, that sells various used items, mostly CD, DVD, books, comic, figurines and other small items.

HOYOYO Help you to buy on Surugaya Japan

Easily Buying from Japan:

Step 1: Search your products

Step 2: Place your orders

Step 3: Proceed your orders

Step 4: Arrange your Delivery

Why chosen Surugaya?

Surugaya has one of the most comprehensive websites to buy Japan cultural products. At Surugaya you will find many products related to J-Pop, anime figures or Japan cinema.

Surugaya website is dedicated to second-hand items. The reason, this is the perfect place to find rare Japan products that you could not find from others site. When you could not find from others used products site, we advise you to check if there are any good deals on Surugaya.

You maybe will worried to buy second-hand products from Surugaya, because they don't show any pictures of the actual product for reference. They only mention it "Used", but that's not a problem since Surugaya guarantees the quality of used items sold on their site. Thousands of local Japanese buy products on this website every day. So, you should not have any bad experience when you buy on this famous Surugaya Online Store.


Secondly, Surugaya prices are very affordable. Most of the items are admittedly used, but there are some items that look and feel almost as new, but their price is really lower.

However, the prices of the items will change depending on the available on in stock.

Not only products price is very affordable, the shipping fee is also surprisingly low. For the purchases, worth less than 1000 Yen, the shipping fee is already very low as 309 Yen.

When you worth more than 1000 Yen, but less than 1500 Yen. The shipping fee will be 257 Yen. Good News!!! If you purchases worth more than 1500 Yen, shipping fee is FREE!

These are super profitable deals, this is hard to find in other online stores. At the same time, Surugaya packing is very good, so there is low risk that items will be damaged during domestic shipping.

Can HOYOYO do purchase on Surugaya Japan and send it to Worldwide?
Of course, This is what HOYOYO Proxy Japan Online Shopping doing. We used by countless people that not living in Japan to buy from all Japan Online Store. There's normally this origin web store do not provide shipped to overseas.

How to place Surugaya Order from HOYOYO Japan Proxy Online Shopping Service?

1. Point your mouse arrow to "More Websites" then click on “Suruga-ya Proxy Purchasing”


2. There two ways to do searching:
a) You may search items on search bar by Keywords
b) Finding items from Categories


3. Press "Offer via Hoyoyo"


4. Please double check the order details, then choose payment methods and click on “Confirm Payment”


How to translate Japanese website to other’s Language?
Mostly Japan website is only display in Japanese. Actually there was a  trick can translate and display whole pages in language you would like. Is a  simple step to work on it, just install Google Translate will do. It can automatically translate all Japanese site into the language that you prefer.


How to pay?
HOYOYO accept PayPal and for some country we have provide the own country bank transfer and payment gateways.
Feel free to message us for more inquiries~


Can I purchase from other Japanese websites besides of Surugaya, Yahoo, Mercari and Rakuten?
Yes, we can purchase from the vast majority of the site, or you may provide the product URL to confirm with our customer service.



Surprising additional!!!
One of our Malaysia customer she share her experience when using HOYOYO on YouTube. 
Feel free to watch it ya~